Hardtail Mountain Bike Buying Guide

Are you a trail master or a rookie rider looking for a hardtail mountain bike? You can get one that suits your requirements with this detailed guide. Hardtail bikes are also known as front suspension bikes. They have no suspension at the back of the bike and contains a hard tail. These bikes come with a front loading suspension fork. This aids in absorbing impact at the front wheel. A lot of our information was gathered from Ira Ryan’s hardtail mountain bike buying guide. But without further ado, read what our take is on what you need in a hardtail.

Factors To Consider When Buying A Hardtail Mountain Bike

Wheel size


There are three sizes of wheels that you will find on the
market today when buying a mountain bike. They include; the 27.5 inch, 26-inch
and the 29-inch wheel. The 26-inch wheel is the smallest and gives the rider
superior agility and maneuverability. This wheel is the standard on the market
and this means that most new advancements are made around bikes with 26’’

The 29-inch wheel, on the other hand, offers you easy
maneuverability for superior terrain coverage. This wheel can help you navigate
through rocks, gnarly obstacles, and logs. However, you should know that this
wheel is hard to accelerate, especially when at a dead stop.

The 27.5-inch wheel gives you the best of both the larger
and smaller wheel. It is a mid-sized wheel that is growing in popularity every
single day. It combines both the ability to conquer rough terrain and amazing maneuverability.
If you are a cross-country rider seeking for obstacle clearance and mix of
agility, this is the perfect bike for you.

hardtail mountain bike

Frame size


The ideal hardtail bike should match your personal build.
This implies that when buying a hardtail bike you should consider taking
accurate measurements of your weight and height. This helps to properly
customize the new bike. On the market today, you will get various pre-built
sizes of frames for you to pick from. To get your actual frame size, the seller
should provide a size chart to guide you before purchasing. There are bikes
with weight limits and this is why you should consider looking at the size
chart carefully before buying a hardtail bike.



Amazing bike brakes give you incredible control and a safe
ride. Therefore, it is critical to consider the state of the brakes before
buying a mountain bike. Most mountain bikes come with disc brakes, especially
the entry-level options. Most budget friendly mountain bikes feature rim
brakes. The disc brakes are highly recommended since they give a superior
system and contains mechanical and hydraulic versions.

Frame material


The bike frame is the support system of your mountain bike.
Therefore, you should put ample consideration to your bike’s frame material
before buying it. Most of the mountain bike frames are made of steel, carbon
fiber, aluminum, and titanium. Each of these materials has an effect on you
bikes ride quality, price, speed, longevity, and durability.


Regardless of whether you are buying a hardtail bike for the
first time, or replacing it or even adding to your collection, buying a new one
is a daunting task. However, with the information above, buying a hardtail
mountain bike should no longer be a challenge. All the best.