BMX Biking Tricks

What You Need to Know of Bmx Biking Tricks

You can do tons of tricks and stunts using your Freestyle bike. Specifically made for hardcore stunts, jumps, and bike tricks, the ultra-beefy construction of a freestyle bike is what every pro biker needs. Sure we know different tricks for pavement and walls, and the exciting part – box biking stunts.

What is box biking?

Box biking is doing stunts or bike tricks with the use of a square platform. Usually made of plywood or wood material, it is the most common bike stunt platform at skate parks. In some cases, it is attached to ramps on both ends, making the box a perfect space to do the hardcore jump tricks after each. But if you’re still new to this, practicing one stunt at a time is a very important advice. However, it won’t hurt to know a couple of stunts that you can do. Whether it be at skate parks or your own improvised obstacle course, this list will give you the best tricks for freestyle bmx biking.

Best tricks for freestyle box biking

Following is a list of jump tricks using a box:

  1. 360 degrees – While up in the air after making an average speed up a ramp, the rider with the bike takes a 360-degree full spin before landing on the other side of the box.
  2. Can can – While up in the air, the rider uses his foot to put the bike on the other side.
  3. Tuck no Hander – While up in the air, he should tuck his hands in the handlebars, then take his hands off.
  4. Tire grab – While up in the air, the rider gets a hold of the tire.
  5. 540 Tailwhip – After doing a 540-degree spin up in the air, he should do a tailwhip.
  6. Superman seat grab – While up the air, the rider gets a hold on one of the handlebars and grab the seat while extending the body back on the bars before making a landing.
  7. Tailwhip – The rider should throw the bike out to one side in the air, hold on to the handle bars to make it go on a full 360-degree, and catch the frame and ride back to it.
  8. Full cab – Attempting to do fakies, he should give extra pressure to the pedal to give a good 360-degree rotation, and then make the bike return to the same position to finish the fakie.
  9. Barspin – While in the air, the rider should spin the handlebars to a good full rotation before catching them back.
  10. Toboggan– While in the air, he should take one of his hands off the bars, then use that hand to grab the seat to go back into the original position before landing.

Are these freestyle box biking tricks hard?

Learning all these tricks certainly requires you to put in a lot of determination, patience, and passion. Mastering all these may take some time, however, you’ll soon reap its glory after the hardcore practice. One thing to always consider is the quality of your freestyle bike. Make sure that they are the best structure for stunt-heavy tricks. Furthermore, you need confidence in every stunt. Remember to believe in yourself, and everything will come along.

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